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Dexik Conversion Server

With Dexik Workflow Solution, we combined years of experience with business automation software. As a result, we are ready to demonstrate you a simple, yet powerful tool to streamline any business process.
With many competitors in the market, we do understand that it's going to be a challenge, but we are sure that you are going to like our product, and here are main reasons why:

Dexik Conversion Server is a stand-alone component that is designed to convert multiple document formats to the TIFF format. This component can be easily integrated with Dexik Mail Capture, Dexik Remote Scan Solution and any document management system.

Dexik Conversion server supports converting multiple formats, such as images (BMP, JPEG, PNG, ICO, GIF, XPS, MDI), Microsoft Office suite files, Adobe Acrobat PDF/FDF, HTML, MSG/EML (Outlook/Outlook Express), and XML.

The main features that make Dexik Conversion Server stand out from the competitors’ solutions are:

Dexik Conversion Server is able to convert PDF/FDF files with Adobe Acrobat Reader or Adobe Acrobat installed.

Dexik Conversion Server is able to convert MS Office documents via one of the following interfaces:

PeerNET TIFF Image Printer 7.0/8.0.

Microsoft Office Document Image Writer.

Microsoft Office XPS Conversion plug-in.

Dexik Conversion Server allows configuring different conversion parameters (DPI, color, etc.) for different file types and input folders.

Dexik Conversion Server stores all configuration parameters within one file, making the configuration easily portable.

Dexik Conversion Server has a very simple, intuitively clear interface.

Dexik Conversion Server is able to process MODCA files.

Dexik Conversion Server allows merging TIFF files after conversion is performed.

Dexik Conversion Server utilizes the latest Microsoft technology (Microsoft .NET 3.5 SP1) to work with a database for improved performance and error handling.

Dexik Conversion Server conversion configuration allows skipping certain files that cannot be converted to TIFF, such as AVI, WAV, and MP3.

Dexik Conversion Server can be integrated with any document management system.

A single instance of the Dexik Conversion server can handle multiple input folders simultaneously.

Dexik Conversion Server natively supports 32-bit and 64-bit OS.

Dexik Conversion Server licensing fee is 3-10 times lower than competitors’.