For corporations seeking for processes automation using distributed processing systems, no other product delivers the robust and flexible solution capabilities like DexFlow solution does.

With its advanced management capabilities, comprehensive monitoring and analysis, and high prioritization capabilities, DexFlow solution will cut corporate costs, increase overall performance, and improve satisfaction.

When considering the workflow system implementation, please review which of the following benefits are considered the top priority for your organization:

increased productivity

document networking

document collaboration

document security and loss prevention

environmental benefits, plus

economic benefits

When searching for a particular software, answer the following questions:

What are our business needs? What do we want to achieve?

What are the main selection criteria?

What is the budget and ROI (Return of Investment) for the software?

Do we want to settle for mediocre software or services at higher price just because it comes with the bigger name?

Is software with the “big name” really worth paying 2-3 times more for the same functionality?

Why wasting money when economy struggles?

Why some companies are more effective than others?

Every customer aims to gain a growing, evolving market. By making wise choices, you help the market to become more competitive, leading to higher standards in products and services. Support the active market and let your organization progress in the long run!

Whenever you are ready to talk about your needs in case management, document management, and workflow automation, we are waiting for your call or email. Our goal is to help guiding you and your company to the ultimate success.

DexFLOW is a powerful workflow management system out-of-the-box. It combines easy-to-use and understandable concepts with flexibility and customization opportunities from custom scriptable “user actions”, scriptable automatic script, and adjustable forms to implementation of custom modules.

DexFlow solution is built on the Microsoft .NET and Microsoft Silverlight platforms. This combination greatly enhances visual capabilities of the product and makes the solution more expandable with the latest development features provided by Microsoft. In addition, Dexik Workflow Solution supports both x86 and x64 operating systems natively enabling the customer to use hardware to full extent.

DexFLOW provides but is not limited to the following capabilities:

Workflow management tools


interactive file capture into the system

barcode recognition



automatic items processing based on the defined rules

document scanning into the system

automatic file capture into the system


flexible database structure, thus allowing to create any business model to meet customer needs

DexFlow Solution consists of the following basic components:

Dexik Workflow Solution Server

– a set of services and modules that resides on one or multiple enabling execution of all logical and business tasks of the case management and workflow and document management system. This server includes Workflow Engine, Security Engine, Content Management, OCR, FTS, Retention, Barcode Reader and other processes required for effective process automation.

Dexik Configuration Manager

– an application used by the workflow system administrator to setup data structures, and workflow process, configure user access and security, manage user actions, automatic scripts, stamps, electronic forms, and other essential components of the solution.

Dexik Workflow User Console

Additional DexCloud benefit is utilizing the system to full extent and forcing the user to complete primary tasks in the first place before continuing to other secondary work tasks (e-mail, time reports, etc.). Ultimately, this will result in overall processing performance increase.

DexCloud Service

– a distributed processing system that serves as a load balancing security server and execution engine for workflow tasks.

Dexik Workflow Automatic Processor Profiler

– an application for monitoring and profiling automatic processes within the workflow.

Dexik Workflow Web Console

– a Silverlight application, which is functionally identical to Dexik Workflow User Console. It provides more flexibility to the organizations that need to deploy web-based platform applications.

DexFLOW also provides unmatched security, audit, and statistics collection capabilities. With our solution we guarantee your data is safe and constantly monitored to ensure integrity and give court clerks and managers enough information about how the work is handled.

DexFlow solution is built to be a good fit for any business model. If you are a solution provider hosting solution for your customer, DexFLOW will be a good fit. If you are a customer who wants to host the application outside, our solution easily fits this schema with the remote administration, configuration, and management tools. If you want to keep the full control of your data, images and process – DexFLOW is the best fit saving customers time and money on hardware, software and maintenance expenses.


The fundamental distinctive feature of DexFlow is the designer concept. The program can be changed to the user's requirements not only by the main developer but also by any of the experts selected by you. In fact, you acquire a broad-spectrum software product. And either you have enough with out of the box software functions or you choose professionals that will make only the necessary changes for your business decisive task.

Changes in DexFlow can be made instantly and users can see the result immediately. Our customers can implement the essential functionality they need and expand their footprint of DexFlow over time to minimize business disruption with the flexibility to expand and reconfigure over time.


Classification allows to reduce costs on task processing, some of them would be performed completely automatic way

Automatic task distribution will help your staff make their work faster and more effective

Escalation procedures allow employees work with accordance with internal and external documents

Reports help management of different layers measure the productivity and identify potential improvements in process


Dexik Workflow FAQ

Does DexFLOW have an ability to mask key (private) data and ability to send images that contains the masking of private information?
Yes, DexFLOW has the ability to secure data by whole records (Document, Parcel, Folder, etc.) or partially by setting security on specific field(s).
Does DexFLOW supports encryption of documents at the application and database level to secure confidential information or images?
Does DexFLOW have an ability to support selection of multiple images at once for emailing or faxing?
Does DexFLOW have an ability to resize the document for printing (i.e., print what you see exactly on the screen ("WYSIWYG"))?
Does DexFLOW have an ability to retain user preferences (i.e., print settings or viewing defaults)?
Does DexFLOW have an ability to highlight information from an image and copy/paste Other applications (i.e., MS Outlook, Word)?
Does DexFLOW support Drag&Drop importing?
How does DexFLOW notifies the user about the job count in their or subordinate queues?
Does DexFLOW have an ability to scan, import, or view colored documents?
Is it possible to configure audit trail information?
What statistics and tracking system does DexFLOW include?
Are there any difference between archive and active workflow storage in DexFLOW?
What kind of Graphical User Interface manipulation does DexFLOW provide?
Is DexFLOW able to electronically accept provider or hospital medical bills printed on standard forms (HCFA-1500, UB-92)?
How is DexFLOW converting existing (legacy system) images, meta data and indexes?
Is it possible to identify and flag potential duplicates based on user defined criteria?
How can we calculate due document dates in DexFLOW?
How does DexFLOW handle image security so documents cannot be changed or altered after scanning (non-reputability)?
Is DexFLOW able to handle role-based security for modifying information, routing, monitoring, approval, viewing, printing (e.g., supervisors could modify due date, supervisors could monitor mail box)?
Is DexFLOW user able to configure the number of images and windows opened at the same time, and how the images are displayed; see images in a separate window; keep the window open even if the user tabs to another application?
What capabilities DexFLOW possesses for OCR/ICR automatic indexing?
Does DexFLOW possess an ability to copy an image to another format (e.g. Word, PDF)?
Can DexFLOW provide User configurable dashboard view screen to contain user selected fields (e.g., Mail: read or unread mail status, document type, claim #, Insured, mail priority, categories, dates, status)?
How can DexFLOW provide advanced routing capabilities? (f.e. send Claim to Examiner / Case to Clerk based on certain criteria)
Does DexFLOW provide "Type-Ahead" capability when sending/forwarding documents within a workflow on name fields, drop-down list, text fields?
Does DexFLOW provide an ability to save "Search History"?
How does DexFLOW support and store a digital signatures?
Does DexFLOW have an ability to have multiple queues / windows open at once?
What kind of Overlay annotations DexFLOW supports?
Is DexFLOW able to define security for different document types (e.g., confidential) that can only be viewed by certain users/groups with proper permissions?
Is it possible to build multi-layer folder structure in DexFLOW? How tables relationships are maintained?
Is it possible to use tables from other databases as "look-up values" in DexFLOW?
Is it possible to work simultaneously in DexFLOW and other applications (MS Word, MS Outlook, AS400 Green Screen, etc.)?
Can DexFLOW provide Image Enhancement before printing (negative, grayscale,etc.)?
Can I print documents with/without annotations in DexFLOW?
How does DexFLOW stores images? Do you use a proprietary image format?
Does DexFLOW provide an ability to import and store multiple image and file types (PDF, JPEG, TIFF, WAV, MP3, AFP, AVI, BMP, CAD, DJDE, GIF, HTML, Lotus Notes, MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, PCL, Quick Time, RTF, TXT, and XML)?
Can an import process be executed run simultaneously from multiple workstations?
How can I control image quality in DexFLOW (f.e. minimum DPI, maximum noise level)?
Can we setup email notification and alerts based on user defined criteria (e.g., age of items in the inbox or mailbox, dashboard)? Does DexFLOW have an ability to support a workflow with differing approval escalation, within a department or across functional departments or across security levels?
Is it possible to secure viewing, routing, escalating, monitoring of images based on user defined criteria?
Can we define our own user productivity metrics and audit reports in DexFLOW?
Does DexFLOW provides an ability to split and/or merge documents?
Does DexFLOW provides an ability to add a new page(s) at the beginning, end, or a specific position in an existing document?
Is it possible to run Import process unattended per schedule or per "event"?
Is it possible to "print" documents from typical business applications directly to the imaging system, without manual printing and scanning?
Is Import Server able to poll for the presence of another file before running an import process (e.g., check the metadata file before importing the image file)?
Is there a limitation on number of metadata types and metadata values per document or any other record?
Can DexFLOW provide an ability of a user to update or replace metadata values of multiple documents at once?
Is there an ability to assemble multiple documents into an electronic "envelope" or package that can be e-mailed or shared with other users?
Does DexFLOW provide Records Management functionality (e.g., support retention, archive, disposal policy parameters, along with user definable schedules for each)?
What kind of reports DexFLOW provides out-of-the-box? What effort can be involved to alter the report or create a new report?
What tool DexFLOW can use for customized reporting?
Will we be able to create templates in DexFLOW (e.g., letter template, form)?
How DexFLOW manages versions and revisions of documents?
Does DexFLOW provides client application for mobile platforms (iOS, Android)?
Does DexFLOW provide an ability to reassemble and maintain documents at the parcel level?
Yes, DexFLOW provides the ability to manipulate documents at parcel level.
Can we use out-of-the-box audit to track parcel/work item path through workflow?
What kind of security DexFLOW provides (role-based, ACL, etc.)?
Can DexFLOW maintain a single image of record when routing to multiple users simultaneously (i.e. parallel routing, annotation and viewing)?
How can DexFLOW help to monitor user mailboxes (volume, workload, new mail, inprogress mail ) and group results by unit within an office or multiple office units?
Is there an ability to route mail by document type to multiple users or groups?
Will DexFLOW provide document routing capability based on user defined groups, role, distribution list, location, multiple levels of approval by role or dollar amount, user status (vacation, out-of-office), timers, and other user defined routing criteria (business rules)?
How can we make the process flow more intuitive with DexFLOW?
What capabilities DexFLOW supports to add a document to a workflow (scanning, electronic forms processing, document import processing, and drag & drop)?
Is it possible to provide a business process modeling tool and simulator for the design and analysis of proposed and existing workflow business processes?
How DexFLOW performs real-time workflow activity monitoring and analysis?
Does DexFLOW have an ability to manage a distribution list, i.e., see all names or selected names in a group?
Is it possible to scan and then route multiple batches?
Yes, DexFLOW is optimized for high-volume scanning. Most of our customers have special departments responsible for scanning and basic indexing only.
Does DexFLOW support separator sheets for automatic document indexing and/or separation?
Is it possible to generate a Barcode Separator or Indexing sheet and add it directly to the file, without printing and re-scan?
What abilities for automatic document classification DexFLOW has?
Is it possible to automatically index documents during scanning?
What scanning enhancement capabilities DexFLOW supports? Can it be integrated with scanner's software?
Can DexFLOW switch to duplex/simplex mode on the fly, while scanning?
Does DexFLOW support individual scanning and ad hoc scanning?
Does DexFLOW support high volume batch scanning?
What scanning interfaces Dexik Workflow supports?
Can system be setup to automatically perform image QA and perform Image Enhancement, if necessary (deskew, despekle, noise reduction)?
Is it possible to tightly integrate with third-party applications, so that there is bilateral transmission of information (e.g., data element in 3rd party application can be linked to one or many images in the imaging system)?
Yes, DexFLOW Client Extensions allow integrating with third party applications seamlessly. In some cases DexFLOW will use Application Integrator, in other cases - APIs provided by third party vendor.
Does DexFLOW provide an ability to export/import a copy of an entire or portion of document (selected images) electronically to/from third-party vendors or companies (e.g., bulk processing, FTP, email, XML, EDI, HL7, other file formats for transmission)?
Will we be able to systematically import and process a stream of XML data containing multiple document data with DexFLOW? How much effort is to set it up?
Is it possible to systematically classify and index an XML document from information contained within the XML tags?
Does DexFLOW have an ability to render an XML document with the use of an assigned style sheet, providing a user-friendly view in a document format?
How can DexFLOW import electronic images from an email into the imaging system (e.g., images attached in MS Outlook email)?
Does DexFLOW provide capabilities to export or import images to/from external media storage device or printer, and retain its file structure as in the imaging system (publisher's package)?
Does DexFLOW allow to define fields that are indexable (e.g., Define Batch #, Parcel # , Document #)?
Yes, DexFLOW allows to define indexable fields and even alter the indexing UIs based per node/project.
Can DexFLOW capture and support different dates (e.g., scan date, date received, date sent to recipient), as well as other business information?
Does DexFLOW allow to setup user configurable document category or types?
Does DexFLOW provide ability for a user to rename or re-categorize documents based on existing field types?
Is it possible to set the default Text format (e.g., upper case, lower case, mix case) for text fields in DexFLOW?
Is it possible to perform indexing of the multiple Documents as one-step in DexFLOW?
Is it possible with DexFLOW to link one image to multiple Folders (Claim, Case, Policy, etc.)?
Is it possible to configure Indexing in "modal dialog" mode?
Is it possible to re-index documents using information from 3rd party application?
Is it possible to use existing business information in 3rd party application for indexing documents in DexFLOW without duplicate data entry?
Does DexFLOW provide a visual on-screen tool (e.g., image thumbnails) for separating a batch into individual documents?
Is it possible to perform importing of electronic files with ability to automatically index documents based on information contained within file names and a directory?
Is it possible to perform importing of electronic files with ability to automatically index documents based on an accompanying text file that contains delimited or tagged index information about the documents?
Does DexFLOW provide an ability to search or filter documents based on user configurable/pre-defined fields or criteria? What search criteria Dexik Workflow supports (e.g., wild card, multiple nested search, fuzzy search, query based search, text search, partial search of name, date range)?
Yes, DexFLOW provides variety of search and filter capabilities. DexFLOW supports wild card, nested search, fuzzy search, query based search, text search (both exact and partial) and date range search.
Does DexFLOW provide seamless interface between images and email (MS Outlook email) or fax (Right Fax)?
Is it possible to save a search query for reuse in Retrieve?
Does DexFLOW UI support GUI functions, like: arrange, filter, reorder, expand, search, text wrap to view all dashboard information?
Does DexFLOW provide Recycle Bin capabilities?
Does DexFLOW provide an ability to configure mail priority based on user defined criteria (e.g., due date, type of sender, type of document) and color code mail based on priority?
s it possible with DexFLOW to have different viewing configuration (e.g., slideshow, tile, cascade) view of a multiple page document?
Does DexFLOW allow to view and manipulate document/image (e.g., zoom, rotate, invert, enhance gray scale, magnify, fit to screen)?
Is it possible to send mail to a group distribution list or to one or more recipients with their respective cover sheets?
What customization abilities DexFLOW provides?
DexFLOW provides ability to customize the following items, without changing product core: automatic processor scripts (Barcode, OCR, Router, FTS, etc.), node actions (functional buttons), escalation scripts and event scripts.
What is involved in developer's training?
Can I change existing scripts?
Can I build my own configuration GUI?
Is it possible to build a custom DLL and integrate that functionality in the User Console?
How much effort does it take to customize UI is DexFLOW?
Is it possible with DexFLOW to have different viewing configuration (e.g., slideshow, tile, cascade) view of a multiple page document?
How will support my customizations?
What should I do if I need to build user or automation function from scratch?