We provide modern solutions to modernize the process of enterprise management, based on information technology. Our services include development, implementation, integration, consulting and technical support of specialized software designed to automate your business.

Dexik helps companies to successfully implement changes by developing and applying highly scalable, efficient, and dynamic processes to provide quick benefits and long-term competitive advantage. While many companies provide support through individual elements of BPM, Dexik offers a unique combination of skills, approaches and development tools to allow you quickly generate value, to obtain measurable results and create reliable BPM solutions.

When considering the workflow system implementation, please review which of the following benefits are considered the top priority for your organization:

Markets with a high level of competition and frequent changes in the assortiment of goods and services (telecommunications, banking, insurance, etc.), require quick and effective response to these changes. BPMS (Business Process Management Suite) - a class of systems that implements a process approach to the companies work, automates through business processes and enables you to quickly make changes to them.

These systems allow to eliminate functional barriers caused by enterprise aplications fragmentation and units and refocus company's activities to achieve its strategic goals.

BPM-systems are necessary for organizations with unique processes as there are no  other existing systems on the market to automate their processes.

Business process management in the company – the main goals of implementation

Automation of business processes allows achieving the following goals:

creation of a system for delineation of access to documents, the possibility of restricting or adding access to projects, both individually by staff members and collectively by division

reducing the risks of loss, damage to documents, reducing the risk of financial loss associated with late receipt of documents

access simplification to company documents from the most distant computers, acceleration of search for necessary information in the main data bank as well as in the common network

creation of a system to control the implementation of the decision from a single center at all stages of its implementation

speeding up the processing of a document from its publication to its archiving

In what cases it is necessary to implement automation in sphere of management of business processes?

It becomes necessary when it is important for you to raise efficiency of your employees work, to improve control over expenses, to optimize planning of the enterprise activity.

The work of many business processes, as well as management of the company's activities, requires prompt changes to certain documents. Without optimizing this process, there are often cases when, for example, employees use outdated information. Such means, as company’s management of business processes automation will help to solve this problem - in all documents being in a database it is possible to make changes operatively, thereby, supporting their urgency, irrespective of how small or a considerable quantity of the basic or additional information is subject to change.

The range of tasks to be solved with the use of BPM-systems:

Existing business processes analysis and automation

New business processes design and simulation

Business rules configuration, performance monitoring (BRM solution functionality - business rules management systems)

Main benefits from automation of standard business processes

Installing, configuring and integrating the software offered by Dexik will give your company the following competitive advantages:

Time saving - the ability to partially or fully automate routine operations related to the processing of documentation, mailing of messages, alerts, and so on

Real-time assessment of the company's performance - on the basis of the received data the manager can draw conclusions about how effectively this or that activity is performed, as well as change the existing priorities of employees' work in accordance with the requirements of the current moment

One of the key benefits of the BPM-systems is the possibility for active business users to participate in the improvement of processes through an intuitive and easy-to-use tools that allow to organize the active cooperation between IT and business users within a unified development environment

Increase of efficiency of work of both separate employees, and the whole departments - often search and the analysis of the necessary information takes a lot of time, especially if it is not systematized and is in various structural divisions of the organization. Implementation of the system for automation of business process management in combination with the electronic document flow system allows to collect all the information necessary for the company's activity in one place, provide prompt access to it and facilitate the search for a specific document

Control over the activities of employees/departments - the implementation of a corporate portal allows you to assess the effectiveness of each employee, in particular, how much time he spends on solving a particular task, how he plans his working day, when he comes to work and when he leaves. The manager gets the opportunity to track the activity of a specific person, as well as to view the implementation of the business project as a whole

The result is – transparent company’s information systems functioning, business processes optimization and organization in accordance with measurable and controllable performance indicators