For corporations seeking for processes automation using distributed processing systems, no other product delivers the robust and flexible solution capabilities like DexFlow solution does.

With its advanced management capabilities, comprehensive monitoring and analysis, and high prioritization capabilities, DexFlow solution will cut corporate costs, increase overall performance, and improve satisfaction.

When considering the workflow system implementation, please review which of the following benefits are considered the top priority for your organization:

increased productivity

document networking

document collaboration

document security and loss prevention

environmental benefits, plus

economic benefits

When searching for a particular software, answer the following questions:

What are our business needs? What do we want to achieve?

What are the main selection criteria?

What is the budget and ROI (Return of Investment) for the software?

Do we want to settle for mediocre software or services at higher price just because it comes with the bigger name?

Is software with the “big name” really worth paying 2-3 times more for the same functionality?

Why wasting money when economy struggles?

Why some companies are more effective than others?

Every customer aims to gain a growing, evolving market. By making wise choices, you help the market to become more competitive, leading to higher standards in products and services. Support the active market and let your organization progress in the long run!

Whenever you are ready to talk about your needs in case management, document management, and workflow automation, we are waiting for your call or email. Our goal is to help guiding you and your company to the ultimate success.

DexFLOW is a powerful workflow management system out-of-the-box. It combines easy-to-use and understandable concepts with flexibility and customization opportunities from custom scriptable “user actions”, scriptable automatic script, and adjustable forms to implementation of custom modules.

DexFlow solution is built on the Microsoft .NET and Microsoft Silverlight platforms. This combination greatly enhances visual capabilities of the product and makes the solution more expandable with the latest development features provided by Microsoft. In addition, Dexik Workflow Solution supports both x86 and x64 operating systems natively enabling the customer to use hardware to full extent.

DexFLOW provides but is not limited to the following capabilities:

Workflow management tools


interactive file capture into the system

barcode recognition



automatic items processing based on the defined rules

document scanning into the system

automatic file capture into the system


flexible database structure, thus allowing to create any business model to meet customer needs

DexFlow Solution consists of the following basic components:

Dexik Workflow Solution Server

– a set of services and modules that resides on one or multiple enabling execution of all logical and business tasks of the case management and workflow and document management system. This server includes Workflow Engine, Security Engine, Content Management, OCR, FTS, Retention, Barcode Reader and other processes required for effective process automation.

Dexik Configuration Manager

– an application used by the workflow system administrator to setup data structures, and workflow process, configure user access and security, manage user actions, automatic scripts, stamps, electronic forms, and other essential components of the solution.

Dexik Workflow User Console

Additional DexCloud benefit is utilizing the system to full extent and forcing the user to complete primary tasks in the first place before continuing to other secondary work tasks (e-mail, time reports, etc.). Ultimately, this will result in overall processing performance increase.

DexCloud Service

– a distributed processing system that serves as a load balancing security server and execution engine for workflow tasks.

Dexik Workflow Automatic Processor Profiler

– an application for monitoring and profiling automatic processes within the workflow.

Dexik Workflow Web Console

– a Silverlight application, which is functionally identical to Dexik Workflow User Console. It provides more flexibility to the organizations that need to deploy web-based platform applications.

DexFLOW also provides unmatched security, audit, and statistics collection capabilities. With our solution we guarantee your data is safe and constantly monitored to ensure integrity and give court clerks and managers enough information about how the work is handled.

DexFlow solution is built to be a good fit for any business model. If you are a solution provider hosting solution for your customer, DexFLOW will be a good fit. If you are a customer who wants to host the application outside, our solution easily fits this schema with the remote administration, configuration, and management tools. If you want to keep the full control of your data, images and process – DexFLOW is the best fit saving customers time and money on hardware, software and maintenance expenses.


The fundamental distinctive feature of DexFlow is the designer concept. The program can be changed to the user's requirements not only by the main developer but also by any of the experts selected by you. In fact, you acquire a broad-spectrum software product. And either you have enough with out of the box software functions or you choose professionals that will make only the necessary changes for your business decisive task.

Changes in DexFlow can be made instantly and users can see the result immediately. Our customers can implement the essential functionality they need and expand their footprint of DexFlow over time to minimize business disruption with the flexibility to expand and reconfigure over time.


Classification allows to reduce costs on task processing, some of them would be performed completely automatic way

Automatic task distribution will help your staff make their work faster and more effective

Escalation procedures allow employees work with accordance with internal and external documents

Reports help management of different layers measure the productivity and identify potential improvements in process


Dexik Workflow FAQ

Does DexFLOW provide an ability to reassemble and maintain documents at the parcel level?
DexFLOW provides a highly configurable audit system, allowing selectable types of events to capture, from generic events up to modification of a single or multiple fields on different user-defined tables.
Does DexFLOW provide an ability to reassemble and maintain documents at the parcel level?
Is it possible to scan and then route multiple batches?
Does DexFLOW allow to define fields that are indexable (e.g., Define Batch #, Parcel # , Document #)?
Does DexFLOW allow to define fields that are indexable (e.g., Define Batch #, Parcel # , Document #)?