Order management is simply the process of efficiently tracking and fulfilling sales orders. It includes the cycle of people, processes, and suppliers to create a positive customer experience. The order management process covers everything from the point of receiving an order right through to delivery.

A number of other professionals and departments, such as managers, accountants, administration, production control (QA), also involved in order management process. Benefits of a well-implemented Order Management include improved sales visibility, improved customer relations and efficient order processing with a minimum of delays and back-orders.

What is Order Management Workflow

DexFLOW is a system that can manage paperless workflow project’s task and process providing the ability to retrieve at any time a document. In case of Order Management this could be work sheet, price list, paper (paper description), invoice, prepayment invoice or any other document need for that process.

Some terms used when talking about workflow are listed in Vocabulary

How things work

Documents for Order Management can be entered in many ways for example by email capture, fax, file pickup, normal mail service and an Electronic Document Services staff personal would scan, or even use the DexFLOW office plugin to create from MS Office documents.

A parcel is created to hold the inputted documents for processing steps. Next would be indexing of the data via OCR, barcoding reading or manual. Base on rules that are configured would determine the routing of the parcel. Base on your company needs and requirements will determine the complexity of your workflow.

Use Case for a New Order

  • A new order for offset printing is received by the company.
  • Manager fills the form for this order and sends it to workflow. In case of subsequent orders, a previous one may be used as a template.
  • The order is automatically processed, additional documents (like work sheets and price sheets) are generated and appended to it.
  • Accouters review price sheets, approve them and create invoices if necessary. Orders are also validated by QA. Orders rejected by Accouters or QA are returned to managers for adjustments.
  • Work Sheets are submitted to Production planning to schedule dates of processes. Accepted orders go to Production phase and moved to archive upon completion.
  • Administrators may view active and archive orders and generate necessary reports.
  • For security reasons on every step of workflow users may only see the information they have access to.