What are the benefits of using a document management system and going paperless as a business – how do you do it? Where should you start and where are the biggest wins?

Going paperless will clearly optimize your business processes and pay itself back over time. Key success factor of this is the infrastructure that you build around the digital document management.

First and the most important thing about managing paperless document is the filling system

DexFLOW is another paperless document management software which will let you edit or convert the scanned documents from your computer. After managing paperless documents or using the appropriate software, you will be in safe hands to go paperless for documents.

DexFLOW used to track, manage and store both documents and images. By implementing DexFLOW you digitalize your paper documents reducing the need for physical filing storage and paper. System also works with OCR allowing you to digitally store all paper documents that go through your company. System’s powerful engine allows to search, access any file just in seconds, eliminating the time spent on finding documents.

DexFLOW also provides automation of your documents lifecycle, from initiation to approve, distribute, and obsolescence. By automating document workflow,  you can assure that no document is overlooked, and document cycle time is reduced significantly while assuring compliance with regulations.