Dexik ECOURTESY (or eCOURTeSY) is an advanced solution for courts that incorporates Electronic Case Management System, Document Management System, and Workflow within a single solution.

Flexibility and expandability of Dexik ECOURTESY makes it easily adaptable to any state law, jurisdictions, and court type.

Dexik eCOURTeSY helps organizations to overcome the challenges of Case Management, Document Management, Workflow Automation for Judicial systems and other industries and, in fact, managing any kind of information, resulting in highly efficient business automation, faster response and better information sharing. The functions of the solution be used to integrate with other software or storage solutions, as well as for building complex Multi-Client – Multi Server solutions.

While building ECOURTESY, Dexik integrated feedback from numerous court professionals, including office clerks, IT managers, judges, and NCSC experts, and this experience helped us to make the product so flexible: it is only a matter of setup, not programming to satisfy most of customer needs.

Dexik ECOURTESY is built on top of our innovative Workflow and Document Management System called DEXFLOW. This integration provides access to a huge set of automatic features, such as Automatic Barcode Recognition, Optical Character Recognition, Full-Text Search, Work Item Routing, Record Retention, Sensitive Information Redaction, Automatic Indexing, and Data Validation routines.

Components of Dexik eCOURTeSY

Dexik eCOURTeSY solution consists of the following basic components:


Set of services and modules that resides on one or multiple servers, enabling execution of all logical and business tasks of the case management and workflow and document management system. Dexik eCOURTeSY server includes CMS Engine, Form Generator, Workflow Engine, Security Engine, Content Management, OCR, OCR, FTS, Retention, Barcode Reader, Automatic Redaction, and other processes required for effective case management and process automation.

Dexik Configuration Manager

Application used by the case management system administrator to set up data structures and workflow processes, configure user access and security, manage user actions, automatic scripts, stamps, electronic forms, and other essential components of the solution.


Windows Forms application that provides interfaces to create and manage cases, manage dockets and work items, generate electronic forms, store and docket documents, search for docketed items, and perform other case management tasks.

Dexik eCOURTeSY Web Console

Silverlight application that is functionally identical to Dexik eCOURTeSY Console. It provides more flexibility to the organizations that need to deploy web-based platform applications.

Dexik eFileMe Portal

Website where registered users can file documents electronically, thus improving filing time and lowering the load on scanning and docketing operations. All transactions are audited and secured and must be approved by the clerk.

Dexik eAccessMe Portal

Website where registered users can access information and documents that reside in a public domain. Automatic Redaction and Document Security capabilities prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information.

Dexik Judge Desktop

Special version of Dexik eCOURTeSY User Console for performing the court judge related tasks, such as docket search, case search, and document signing.

DexCloud Service

Distributed processing system on the Dexik eCOURTeSY server side that serves as load balancing solution, security server, and execution engine for workflow tasks.

In addition to that, a customer has an opportunity to integrate DexFLOW features directly into the eCOURTeSY customized user interface, like using OCR to perform automatic docketing of filed documents. The documents could be filed both electronically through the secured portal or “by-mail” to later be scanned by office clerks.

Benefits of Using Dexik eCOURTeSY

Dexik eCOURTeSY provides numerous benefits to its customers for electronic case management, document management, and workflow automation.

The following list names key functionality guaranteed by Dexik eCOURTeSY: